Make contact

You will find our contact form here that must be completed to begin the consultation process via email. Try your best to be as detailed as possible. Include favourite flavours, guest count, links to any inspiration images you might have come across or attach photos of cakes that appeal to you. You can never share too much information! All of this will help to ensure we quote exactly what you are looking for.

Due to a high volume of orders/quote requests that we are processing you should receive a response within 3-5 business days. If your inquiry is pressing or urgent please contact us via phone or pop into the showroom. We will however try our best to answer you as quickly as possible!

We recommend you make contact or book a consultation in our showroom for your wedding cake about half-way through your planning. Designing the cake too early with your cake artist means that you don’t have all the pieces yet (maybe invitations haven’t been finalised, florals are undecided, dress appointments to be had) and designing a wedding cake works best when all the pieces are generally decided on. Ordering halfway through, means you typically have about 6 months before your event. If you’re getting married in prime wedding season, you might want to check that date about 9-12 months from your wedding date.


One of the first steps you should take is deciding on your budget. If you’re not familiar with ordering custom cakes, you might need to ask around to get a feel of the general price. Ask friends or family what they paid and if they were happy with the product they received for that price. Remember there’s always someone willing to do it cheaper, but at what cost?  A Google search on “sliding wedding cakes” will tell you the answer of that one! You don’t need to blow the budget, but knowing how much you’d like to spend for how many guests, will help you and How Sweet It Is get off to a good start. Our cakes are priced according to their size and design. A lot of the cost comes from the time required to execute its design.

Generally naked cakes and buttercream cakes are cheaper than fondant (smooth icing) cakes and plain iced cakes are cheaper than heavily decorated ones.

Our tiered cakes to feed 100 generally start from $450. Our cupcakes are available in cocktail size from $2.50 each and standard from $4.20 each - cupcake toppers incur an additional charge.

Be inspired and inspire!

We will be inspired when we see all the beautiful things you’ve chose for your special day. Whether it’s a Pinterest board, a WeddingBook, an invitation or your wedding dress, bring images of cakes that appeal to your style that will give a good starting point to create that perfect wedding cake. What inspires you about your wedding design will in turn inspire us in your design! The wedding cake is a perfect place to pull together the colours and designs of your wedding. The intricate hand drawn florals on your invitation, the colours of the bridesmaids dresses, a pattern or fabric that can transform into a texture on a tier, will all pull together giving you a beautiful unique wedding cake.

Let them eat cake!

Wedding cakes no longer have to be dry dreaded fruit cake. Eeek… Nope, no longer. You can now fill them with delicious Kahlua chocolate cake and Baileys buttercream, or a moist Red Velvet cake.  You can pick different flavours for different tiers or have your cake created in your favourite flavour. We’re up to being challenged if you have a craving for a flavour not found on our flavour list… Nothing is impossible on your wedding day! I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “well it looked gorgeous, but did it TASTE good?” How Sweet It Is can very happily say “YES!!!”

We offer a flavour sample box for you to take home and try for dessert. In the sample box you can pick as many flavours as you like from our flavour list- each flavour sample is $2.50. All we require from you is a call 1 week in advance to advise what date, time and the flavours you would like to collect. Costs spent on samples are deducted from your wedding cake cost.

Make it official

You’ve met with How Sweet It Is, you’ve eaten your samples, you’ve designed your dream wedding cake, provided your wedding day time schedule and now you need to book it. Typically only after you’ve put down a deposit it is ‘official’. Delivery for all wedding cakes is suggested and is available throughout SA. To secure a date on How Sweet It Is’ schedule, a 25% deposit is necessary upon confirmation of your cake order. Dates will not be reserved without a deposit.  Please be advised this is a non-refundable deposit. If your event is postponed your deposit can be your transferred to your rescheduled date or to another cake booking but not refunded. Full payment of your cake is required a minimum of two weeks before your wedding date.