Do I require an appointment?

Appointments are encouraged and are best made over the phone so a suitable time can be arranged. Walk-ins are welcomed but there may be a short wait.


How much notice is required?

To avoid disappointment we recommend booking as early as possible. You can book as early as you like, however, we request a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice for all orders.

In special circumstances, if there is availability we can take last minute bookings but require no less than 1 weeks’ notice.

Bride and grooms-to-be should contact us three - six months in advanced especially if your wedding falls within the peak wedding season as many Saturdays book-out.


How do you secure your order?

To secure a date on How Sweet It Is’ schedule, a 25% deposit is necessary upon confirmation of your cake order. Dates will not be reserved without a deposit.  Cakes ordered within 2 weeks will require full payment upon booking. Please be advised this is a non-refundable deposit. If your event is cancelled, your deposit can be transferred to another cake booking but not refunded.


Payment options

We have eftpos facilities available for all major cards (excluding American Express and Diners) and bank transfer details are available upon request


Delivery or Pick-up?

The choice is yours... We recommend delivery for tiered and sculptured cakes, however this incurs a minimum charge of $30 for deliveries within the CBD. Additional charges will apply for metropolitan and country areas. Alternatively, pickup can be arranged.


can i hire a cake stand?

We have a range of cake and cupcake stands. Hire fees apply and are subject to a refundable bond when returned within seven days.


What price are your cakes?

Our cakes are priced according to their size and design. A lot of the cost comes from the time required to execute its design. Generally naked cakes and buttercream cakes are cheaper than fondant (smooth icing) cakes and plain iced cakes are cheaper than heavily decorated ones.

Generally, our tiered cakes to feed 100 start from $450.

Our cupcakes are available in cocktail size from $2.50 each and standard from $4.20 each - cupcake toppers incur an additional charge.


Do you offer cake tastings? 

Yes we do! We offer a sample box for you to take home and try for dessert. In the sample box you can pick as many flavours as you like from our flavour list - each flavour sample is $2.50. All we require from you is a call 1 week in advance to advise what date, time and the flavours you would like to collect.


What size cake will I need?

There are many options of stacking a cake. Listed below is general sizing to help with your event planning.

100 guests - 3 tiered round cake (6”, 8” & 10”)

150 guests 3 tiered round cake (6”, 9” & 12”)

150 guests 4 tiered round cake (6”, 8”, 10” & 12”)

200 guests 5 tiered round cake (6”, 8”, 10” 12”, 14”)


you will save money if part of your cake is made from styrofoam

If a magazine editor happens to be reading please stop putting this money saving tip in your wedding magazines because it’s not true! The cost of cakes is largely made up of decorating time, icing, sugar flowers etc. The actual ‘cake’ is made of eggs, flour etc, and does not contribute a huge amount to the price. If you replace a tier with Styrofoam, you will probably only save around $50 as the cake decorator still needs to ice and decorate it. Then, there is the additional cost of kitchen slab cakes if you actually require more cake to be served. It doesn’t make sense for a decorator to charge less for the same amount of work. The only exception to this myth is if the bride orders a small cake with kitchen slab cakes to supplement. This way, the decorator will not be spending the time and ingredients on the extra work of fake tiers. Just understand that this will mean a smaller cake that may not have the grand look you may have hoped for.

One of the reasons cake decorators use Styrofoam in wedding cakes is for the weight. A four tier wedding cake can weigh as much as 60 kg, too heavy to safely lift, so with bigger cakes decorators will replace a tier with Styrofoam to make sure the cake is not too heavy.


Don’t reveal your budget

Some people believe that if the bride tells the cake decorator their budget, the decorator will charge every penny of that budget and not give as much cake.

The fact is that most cake decorators are artists first and businessmen last. A cake decorator wants to make the best cake they can and most cake decorators would rather give you more for your money than less but a cake decorator needs to know a budget in order to design a custom cake. It’s like going to a car yard and just saying you’re here to buy a car. Now imagine the car dealer spending all day showing you Lamborghinis and Rolls Royce just to find out that you only have a Holden budget. Be straight forward with your decorator to ensure your time spent with them is productive. You spend countless hours planning your celebration. Make every hour count.


Wedding cake is more expensive than birthday cake

Cake is cake and the cost is the same. Where the pricing gets more expensive is in the decoration details. Wedding cakes tend to be larger and more elaborate. It’s as simple as that.